New Year, New You

New Year, New You

Every new year and often many times during the year we all make these great resolutions to amongst many things lose weight.

How are you going? We are almost 2 weeks into 2018, often a couple of weeks is all most of us can manage. Instead of looking at diets as a way to lose weight, try looking at diet as a new healthier eating plan. If you’re on a restricted diet already, this can be especially challenging.

I am trying to make small but consistent changes.

My first baby step towards being healthier on a gluten and grain free diet is; I have been trying to make sure I eat a healthy breakfast. My usual breakfast was 4 coffees with sugar and milk…. not so good for you. This year I have been mixing it up depending on how busy I have been.

Really busy mornings fresh fruit or yogurt (usually while driving).

Not so busy mornings, Lost Cereal – I like the berry one, fresh fruit, yogurt and a little dribble of maple syrup

For something different you could check out our recipe for Grain free toasted muesli – just warning though this is good and likely to become your regular breakfast!

Weekends and days when I am at home, buckwheat pancakes, add more milk or milk alternatives to make a thinner crepe, or, if you have a waffle machine, add less milk and make waffles – yum!!

Top your buckwheat pancake with;


Jam or Vegemite for the Aussies.

Poached eggs and wilted spinach

Smoked salmon and cream cheese

Anything you might put on toast.

Bi-product of eating a healthy breakfast is I am drinking less coffee, I have sustained energy through the day and when my 16 year old son got home from 2 weeks away first thing he said is “you look healthier and like you have lost weight!”

I strongly recommend trying to eat as diverse a diet as possible, and as you can see from the above it is possible to eat a healthy gluten free and grain free breakfast every day.

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